Le Morette

il simbolo le morette

The Morette (Aythya fuligula) are a distinctive species of diving duck that nests in the small Frassino Lake. It’s a bird that once you could see every day during the nesting season and today it can still be spotted just a few steps away from our winery.

With their mutterings and rumblings, the flight of these extraordinary birds beat the time of our founder Gino Zenato ‘s days in his vineyards. Gino and his family lived in this exact place, on the western shore of the little lake. This is where he first started the production of vines, his first vineyards, and the actual production of wine.

The choice fell on this particular animal as a symbol of our winery not only because of its elegance, but more importantly because of its meaning: the bond to our land and the the deep respect for Nature and care for the environment we have.


Laghetto del Frassino is a small lake of glacial origin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. It is a biodiversity treasure recognized by the European Community as a Site of Community Interest and included in the Special Protection Areas by the Veneto Region for its unique floristic and faunal species. With a surface area of approximately 30 hectares and a depth of just over 15 meters, this glacial basin is located in the municipality of Peschiera, just one kilometer from Lake Garda. . On its waters, between late September and April, countless diving ducks come to rest after flying thousands of kilometers coming mostly from Central and Eastern Europe. Over the years, the Morette have learnt to stop and rest at Laghetto del Frassino during the day and to fly during the night to go dive after a few minutes into the waters of Lake Garda, which is rich in the shellfish they feed on. The two lakes offer a healthy environment for these birds and this results in a steady increase of their presence.

The company logo pictures the stylized image of an elegant Moretta in flight.