A special eye on quality and solidarity: The 2022 Christmas solidarity gifts

A s p e c i a l e y e o n q u a l i t y a n d s o l i d a r i t y : T h e 2 0 2 2 C h r i s t m a s s o l i d a r i t y g i f t s

ADNKronos listed up its suggestions for Christmas 2022 solidarity gifts and our limited edition Lugana DOC Mandolara is in his list: keeping an eye on goodness, the other on solidarity. With this Lugana DOC Mandolara, which we hope will become your Christmas 2022 solidarity gift, we support the “Right to Water” in Ethiopia, a project created by the Africa Missions Group. The proceeds from the sales of Lugana DOC Mandolara Edizione Limitata will be donated to the “Villaggio della Speranza”, a pediatric rehabilitation center on the outskirts of Gassa Chare, which takes care of orphaned at birth children, malnourished and/or disabled from 0 to 3 years. The center currently does not have drinking water, but draws from a seasonal well or purchases it and stores it in tanks to meet daily hygiene and nutrition needs.
The new Limited Edition label was created by the Vicenza artist Giakomo.


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